Wednesday, 17 April 2013

the life of a wannabe writer

I'm sitting at my desk, procrastinating, once again, with the largest mug of hot chocolate the world has ever seen. I've just done a full days worth of revision (if ever there is one with the existence of youtube and twitter, and television, of course) and I've been feeling poorly all day so I probably shouldn't be drinking a massive cup of hot chocolate... but I am. And it's making me happy, so that's all that matters.

Anyway - there's me babbling on again about stuff no one is interested in (though I don't think anything I say is worthy of much interest...). SO, I started this blog about a year and a bit ago, and since then I've had quite a few emails, messages, comments, etc, about my writing. Back when the blog was a baby, I would write little creative pieces and post them on here before it morphed into a fashion/lifestyle blog. These aren't up anymore as I'm now unhappy with them having reread them and... slightly embarrassed by their gushy emotional content etc, so don't go looking for them... for your own sake. 

But anyway, I received so many nice and positive comments and messages from my readers (yay, thank you!) and some of you have asked me questions as to how I motivate myself to write, whether I have a schedule, what inspires me, etc. In reply, I give you this blog post, though it is long overdue. I apologise. 

Now I don't pretend to be an accomplished writer and I'm flattered that even a few of you think I'm any good at writing, it's really nice to hear that. I've been writing all my life, and have always read books. I think it's safe to say that, for me anyway, the most important thing for my writing is not pens, pencils, or even my brain, but other books. 

So, on that note, here are my four Goddesses:

So, let me introduce you, from left to right:

    my filofax: my filofax was a present given to me by my mother in Year 12 as a 'well done' for getting As in my AS modules... I'd been begging for a filofax for ages, and while the world was going digital, I didn't care much. I've always wanted a little personal organiser that I can hold in my hand. I like my filofaxes big and bulky, with stuff thrown inside them... and my handwriting can't squeeze into tiny spaces so it has to be a day per page insert... which makes it fat... so everything works out well here. I don't use it a lot - as generally I'm pretty good at remembering deadlines and appointments, etc, but I always like to have it with me just in case... and it makes me look important.

    my diary: I've always had a diary, ever since I was really little. I don't write in it all the time, though when I was younger I would give myself an half an hour slot to write in it before bed. Now I don't always have the time to write a lengthy diary entry and tend to only write in it when I'm grumpy or bored or have something interesting to say. I've found with all my diaries, that, if anyone read them, they'd probably think I was a really negative person... this isn't the case. I find I only write in my diary to moan about things, and every time I'm super happy about something, I'll just call up my friends and tell them. I know loads of my friends use their diaries in a similar way, so I don't feel like a complete grump. This book is a tiny little notebook, part of the Penguin Stationary range - I bought one for my friend as well - she hates Virginia Woolf so I told her it was her opportunity to rewrite her. I just liked it... and I have this idea that, when I get a handbag that I use ALL the time (I just use any bag I want, not one particular one at the moment) I'll carry this with me everywhere in case I ever need to vent... on the train... etc. 

    my big blue book: Paperchase is one of my guilty pleasures. I always go in there when I'm walking back to my room at University and I always tend to buy something... I have surplus notebooks but I always have good intentions for them. Luckily for me, one day bored in my room when all my friends were busy at Uni, I found this blue book which I'd bought the previous term, looking very lonely and in need of some companionship. I'd just been reading the real A Room of One's Own by V. Woolf, inspired to buy it because of my diary... (It wasn't right to have a notebook of it, but not the actual book). After reading the first page, I decided I wanted to write something myself - completely inspired by the great woman who is Virginia Woolf. So, this blue book is my book of 'philosophical-esque' essays. I'd written a few to my friend in the form of letters and she'd written back, but I wanted a book to keep all these in. It's very rare that I ever say anything philosophical - I normally sound stupid when I do - so I thought keeping a book would inspire me to write more. And it has, and it's quite fun and satisfying and different to what I usually write. I'm a fiction writer, so philosophical essays are... different. It sounds so lame, and perhaps it is. But I enjoy it. So there. Judge me if you want.

    my q&a five year diary: I actually saw this on the lovely Lisette's blog, (she's been my blogspiration recently - check out her blog, she'll give you some serious blog envy!). I thought it was a fantastic idea, and at the time I was looking for ways to make sure that I write something everyday, so it was perfect. I bought one for me and my mum, because I thought she'd like it. And she does, she loves it. We both always have a little chit chat before bed about what we could possibly write for that day's question. It's really great, perhaps a little cheesy, but it asks some strange and interesting questions every so often. As sad as this sounds, its actually one of the things I look forward to writing! How sad! 

    Right... so there are my 'four Goddesses', bookwise. Of course I often write little random stories on my laptop, and my blog is a way for me to write stuff... not necessarily creative stuff... every so often, so that's fun. Sometimes I feel like writing, sometimes I don't, but luckily I'm not at the stage where writing is an effort or a chore - it's always something I enjoy to do and often use it as procrastination. I wouldn't say 'escapism' because that's used too much these days and annoys me, because I think that sometimes writing is my way of actually bringing myself back down to the ground - not escaping at all, just realising. 

    Last but not least, let me introduce you to two of my best friends. My two favourite novels (not including 'Wuthering Heights').

    These two have kind of 'grown up' with me, or at least I've grown up with them, in particular The God of Small Things. I first read this book when I was in Year 12, and since then I've read it over and over and over and over again. I know quotes off by heart. It's the one book I recommend to everyone and I'm a great admirer of Arundhati Roy. You have to read it. Honestly. 

    White Teeth is my new love. I've just done my dissertation on it, and I love it more and more every time I flick through the pages.

    I can safely say that Zadie Smith and Arundhati Roy are two authors who continually inspire me. I've read every single book by Zadie Smith and cannot fault her. One day, I hope my novels are loved by someone as much as I love these two... one day. We can hope.

    Anyway, this has been a long post - I haven't even said half the stuff I wanted to, but it's getting long... so I should stop here before you all drift off to sleep. If you have read this post to the end, thank you. And I hope, to those of you who have emailed me asking about my writing etc., you enjoyed it and I answered some of the questions you asked. Any more, feel free to email me:


    1. Thanks for sharing, I love to be organised and make notes too. Love your notepads!

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    2. Great post! I've been writing diaries my whole life (almost), and it's a great place to get your thoughts out, and the filofax really reminds you of the good old fashioned way of storing important things, nowadays many people decide to just use the iPad etc.. I'll definitely try out White Teeth, I've heard it should be good.


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    4. Where did you get your filofax, I have been looking for one like that for ages.

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    5. Love this post, doll. Writers have to get their inspiration from everything- and I just adore Virgina Woolf.


    6. Love it!! so organized!

      Corinne xo

    7. I just discover your blog but i must say it is very nice :)
      I like it a lot, you're very talented !
      I will come back for sure ^^


      Coline ♡

    8. you make me want to drink a cup of hot chocolate (haven't got any at home). :(

    9. Oh I've seen those Q&A Five Year Diarys before! They look so cool, I'd actually love one haha. Love your blog btw!

      Emily x